Thursday 25 September 2008

Amazon UK is now selling The Time of Singing

A brief note to say that although the official publication date for The Time of Singing is now October 16th, Amazon UK has started sending out copies today!

In other news, my revamped website is coming along very well and will be ready to go live soon!

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Tish said...

O Frabjous Day! I can't wait and will use my amazonUK account to snag a copy. I've read every one of your books and they keep getting better and better. Can you possibly top the Marshalls??

I'm pleased to report that my local library in northern Virginia has a goodly representation of your books (though not nearly as complete as my OWN collection). Do you remember when I drove up from Fairford to meet you? I lived in Rome at the time and DH was at a conference at Fairford.