Saturday 12 September 2009

New e-mail account.

Hello everyone.

I returned from holiday to find my e-mail account with BT had very messily died in my absence. Not being inclined (after two TRULY TERRIBLE experiences with BT's non UK call centres) to get them to fix things this time around I have done what needed doing long ago, and transferred elsewhere. This does mean though that for the past week I have been unable to read any incoming e-mails to my Elizabeth Chadwick account, and also that until I get things moved over, I won't be able to read incoming e-mails on my old account.
If anyone does want to get in touch with me, my new account address as of today (Saturday 12th September 2009) is So sorry for any inconvenience, but believe me, this is sooooo much easier than going through the torturous circular rigmarole of a BT overseas call centre experience (shudder).