Friday 29 August 2008

Yahoo, Yippee, and Yesss!!!
I have had an offer for The Greatest Knight and Lords of the White Castle from the USA to be published in paperback and electronic formats. The Greatest Knight will be published next Autumn (2009) and Lords of the White Castle in Spring 2009. I've only just heard about this from my agent but once the details are more settled and carved in stone, I'll let everyone know. If I drank champagne I'd be well down the bottle now. As it is, I'm sipping tea and eating chocolate digestives with a big smile on my face!

In other news, my UK cover of A Place Beyond Courage has been given a bit of added bling. I like it a lot (reaches for the tea mug and another biscuit). It has also been chosen as Waterstones Book of the Year - about which I'm really pleased.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

New! I've just put my reference library online. Rather than have it lurking on my PC as a Word document, I thought it would be useful to give it a web page of its own!

New! A Place Beyond Courage is an Editor's Choice for the forthcoming edition of the Historical Novel Society Review - yay! Url here. Scroll down to the 4th book.

The book covers for The Time of Singing and The Wild Hunt have just appeared at Amazon UK on their listings. As many of you know, The Wild Hunt is being reissued after a re-edit and after being long out of print. It was my first published novel and won a Betty Trask Award. 'The novel that saved me from filling supermarket shelves for the rest of my life'!
I've posted The Time of Singing cover on my website hub and my other blogs, but I haven't got around to showing anyone The Wild Hunt on any of my own sites until now. So here it is!