Monday, 18 January 2010


A note to say that The Leopard Unleashed has arrived at my PC ready for me to re-edit. We've also started thinking about the cover, so it's a bigger speck on the horizon than it was!


Linda said...

That's absolutely wonderful news. Leopard Unleashed is the only book of yours that I do not own, and therefore have not read. I would happily have settled for the old copy had it been readily available, having read Wild Hunt and Running Vixen. I've bought the newer releases of these books and will reread them as soon as Leopard Unleashed is on the horizon. Ever since learning that you planned to update this early trilogy I have been anxiously awaiting it. Like I said earlier, "Great News!"

Heather said...

I've just discovered you and are in the midst of ordering the rest of your books... One remark re Crouch and Wm the Marshal, though: Crouch is a cleric. And he has the cleric's view of the athlete warrior, one of judgment and (sometimes ) disdain. For example, he is upset that in the big King John rebellion, Wm's son sided with the anti John Barons... but that makes total sense in a society where the land and the family are of prime importance. Who wouldn't try to work both sides of the fence in that awful situation? The Despencers, father and son, made the huge mistake of being on the SAME side, and look what happened to them?

Anyway, I have long been a fan of Wm the Marshal (I have copies of the Painter and Duby books, and now, because of you, Crouch), and must thank you so much for writing that book, "The Greatest Knight", and am awaiting the next one, "Scarlet Lion."! I checked the translation of the Marshal saga, and gosh, it is just too expensive!
I so totally a fan of yours!

Heather said...

also, somewhere, I came across your remark about "The Wild Hunt", in which it seems that most of the characters (aside from the central ones) were real people. In particular, that Robert de Belleme was actually a total psycho. Where can I find that?

Also, thanks so much for talking about the de Clare brothers, and your not unlikely theory that they were complicit in the murder of Wm Rufus!